I can’t sleep at night.
I can’t eat a bite —
’cause the {man|gal} I love —
{he|she} don’t treat me right.
{He|She} makes me feel so blue.
I don’t know what to do.
Sometime I sit and sigh
and then begin to cry
’cause my best friend
said {his|her} last goodbye.
There’s a change in the ocean,
change in the deep blue sea, my baby,
I’ll tell yo,u folks, there ain’t no change in me.
My love for that {man|gal} will always be.
Now I can read {his|her} letters.
I sure can’t read {his|her} mind.
I thought {he’s|she’s} lovin’ me.
{He’s|She’s} leavin’ all the time.
Now I see my poor love was blind.
Now I got the crazy blues since my baby went away.
I ain’t got no time to lose.
I must find {him|her} today.
Now the doctor’s gonna do all that he can.
But what you’re gonna need is an undertaker man.
I ain’t had nothin’ but bad news.
Now I got the crazy blues.


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